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What is PENG CBD

  Peng is a renowned name among CBD vape products. This award-winning range of CBD e-liquids is well known for its quality, taste and flavour variation and was awarded the second best CBD e-liquid in 2018 awards for the Vaporound Magazine UK. Intrigued to learn more about this amazing product? Continue reading. How is Peng CBD made Like the standard CBD e-liquid, the primary component of Peng CBD is the broad-spectrum CBD derived from the hemp-based Cannabis plant. The other ingredients include a food-grade synthetic flavouring additive and a base liquid comprising 60% vegetable glycerine and 40% propylene glycol. While the CBD extract offers CBD-associated remedial benefits, each Peng variant's flavours are unique and enjoyable. While the composition of the Peng CBD is not any different from that of regular CBD e-liquid, it is the method of manufacturing that sets it apart from other counterparts in the market. Manufactured by a leading EU-based manufacturer, the proces