What is PENG CBD


Peng is a renowned name among CBD vape products. This award-winning range of CBD e-liquids is well known for its quality, taste and flavour variation and was awarded the second best CBD e-liquid in 2018 awards for the Vaporound Magazine UK.

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How is Peng CBD made

Like the standard CBD e-liquid, the primary component of Peng CBD is the broad-spectrum CBD derived from the hemp-based Cannabis plant. The other ingredients include a food-grade synthetic flavouring additive and a base liquid comprising 60% vegetable glycerine and 40% propylene glycol. While the CBD extract offers CBD-associated remedial benefits, each Peng variant's flavours are unique and enjoyable.

While the composition of the Peng CBD is not any different from that of regular CBD e-liquid, it is the method of manufacturing that sets it apart from other counterparts in the market.

Manufactured by a leading EU-based manufacturer, the process includes a CO2 extraction method that entails cold pressing of the industrial hemp-seed oil. While the procedure ensures that the integrity of the Cannabinoids remains intact whereby preserving the nutrients, flavonoids and terpenes, it also ensures that the THC content in the resultant product is 0%. Thus while using a Peng CBD e-liquid, you can be sure that it does not contain even a minimal amount of THC.

Peng CBD product variety

Peng CBD e-liquids are available in various flavours and CBD strengths, and you may find more than a dozen variants at CBD Oil UK. There are around 16 flavour variants to choose from, available in 30 ml bottles and four different strength levels 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg and 1500mg.

All the flavour varieties provide a very delicious and smooth vaping experience. Whether you want relief from stress or anxiety or pain alleviation, Peng CBD e-liquids offer guaranteed satisfying results. Some of the flavours of Peng CBD e-liquids featured at CBD Oil UK include Big Cheese, Cookie Kush, Chronic Tart, Lemon Driz and Pineapple Chunks etc.


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What is PENG CBD?

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