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  Peng CBD, an award-winning CBD e-liquids range, is easily one of the most popular names among the CBD vape products in the industry. Its quality and popularity are reflected from its award as the second best CBD e-liquid in 2018 awards for the Vaporound Magazine UK. Known for good taste, variety of flavours and guaranteed satisfaction, Peng CBD e-liquids are available in three different strengths. Let's look at the composition of Peng CBD and what sets it apart from its counterparts. Peng CBD Composition Peng CBD is derived from the hemp-based Cannabidiol extract and contains broad-spectrum CBD. The base liquid is a 40% propylene glycol and 60% vegetable glycerine mixture. Like other CBD e-liquids, the third element is a flavouring agent, a food-grade synthetic agent intended to enhance the taste and give the CBD e-liquid its unique flavour. How is Peng CBD made? Looking at the composition, you might be wondering how it is different from other CBD e-liquids since the co