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What is PENG CBD?

Peng CBD E-liquid is a high-quality hemp-based Cannabidiol extracted from the full spectrum range of CBD oils. It is one of the best-known vape CBD products and was awarded the second best CBD E-liquid in the Vaporound Magazine’s 2018 awards. The product is widely popular for its effectiveness in managing pain and reducing stress. But, first, let's have a brief insight into the composition of Peng CBD and how it is made. The composition of Peng CBD E-liquid The Peng CBD E-liquid comprises hemp-based Cannabidiol extracts, which belong to the full spectrum CBD. The Cannabidiol extract is combined with base fluids, i.e., vegetable glycerin (60%) and propylene glycerin (40%). In addition, a natural or artificial flavor is also added to the composition to give it a particular taste which is the predominant flavor of the CBD E-liquid. Peng CBD E-liquids are manufactured by a leading CBD producer from the EU. The products are formulated by a super-critical CO2 extraction process which in