What is PENG CBD?

Peng is one of the most well-known brands of CBD vape items. Peng's CBD e liquids products are made by an industry-leading EU-based CBD producer using a contemporary, supercritical CO2 extraction technology that retains cannabinoids while ensuring finished products contain no THC. Vapouround Magazine's 2018 awards received the second position for most pleasing CBD e-liquid.

Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Hemp Extracts, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Propylene Glycol (40%) and Vegetable Glycerine (60%) are among the constituents of PENG CBD e-liquid. There is no nicotine in this product. The THC content in all CBD e-liquids is below 0.2 percent, which is below the EU limit. These e-liquids aren't psychoactive and won't give you a 'high.'

Peng CBD Vape Liquid tastes not only delicious but also has quick calming and pain-relieving properties without the high. Peng's CBD e-liquids come in various popular flavors and three distinct concentrations, making them tasty, gratifying, and effective. View the full line of Peng e-liquids at https://www.cbdoil.co.uk/product-brands/peng/ and pick the CBD concentration that's right for you.

Peng E-liquids are available at different strengths:

300 mg

330 mg

600 mg

1000 mg

1500 mg

The PENG CBD available on the website is intended for users of legal vaping age. We are NOT selling CBD products, only e juice used by vapers who are at least 18 years old or older. By entering this site, you certify that you are of legal smoking age in the state where you reside. This product contains only lab-tested, pure CBD and is produced in our facilities located in the European Union. Please visit https://www.cbdoil.co.uk/product-brands/peng/, for more information on this brand of CBD vaping products or to purchase them directly.

Pregnant women and those intolerant or allergic to Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol should avoid using electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. If you encounter any Negative effects, stop using your e-cigarette right once and seek medical advice. If eaten, e-liquids can be poisonous. Keep e-liquids and vaping equipment out of the reach of youngsters and pets.


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What is PENG CBD?

What is PENG CBD?